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A Noble cause

Longhurst Group Money Advisor Angie Noble has helped a Peterborough man get his finances back on track, so he could stay in his home.

Longhurst Group tenant Tony Kelly explained he’d been working with Angie for many years “on and off”.

“Angie’s helped me so much. I had arrears of about £1,600 and now I owe less than £100. That’s thanks to her. Before, I was struggling with gas, electricity and water bills but now I’m about £40 per month better off, which is a lot to me.”

Angie helped Tony with Discretionary Housing Payments, before assisting him to move to Universal Credit. She also made sure he had access to some floating support so he could sustain his tenancy.

“Angie’s supported me with court hearings, explained my circumstances, and the court has taken that into consideration,” Tony said. “She’s also helped me fill in forms and, as I don’t have a computer, helped me do all the online stuff too.

“I feel my tenancy is now much more secure. I don’t have to worry all the time about a knock at the door or a letter through the letterbox saying it’s time to leave. If it wasn’t for Angie, I might not be here.”