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Helping with Universal Credit

Sanctuary Housing resident Scott Williams says the support he received in managing his Universal Credit claim made a huge difference to his life. 

A series of medical issues had taken their toll on both Scott’s mental health and his family. When his partner and four-year-old daughter moved out of the three-bedroom house they shared, Scott struggled financially. His Universal Credit payment only covered half the rent, as his partner’s name was still on the tenancy agreement. 

Scott, who lives at the property with his two teenage sons from a previous relationship, sought Sanctuary’s help. 

Sanctuary’s Local Income Advisor Adrian advised Scott he should be treated as jointly liable for the whole rent, as his partner was no longer living at the property, and get the appropriate support from Universal Credit. 

“Adrian was great,” Scott says. “He sent me emails to send to Universal Credit and kept in contact until my problem was resolved. It's made a massive difference – I’m less stressed, I’m sleeping better, I can cook more healthy meals for my children and do more with them. It may not sound like a lot, but anyone on Universal Credit will know how much difference that little bit extra helps.”