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Local family delighted to be staying local

Having lived with her with her partner and young child at her parents for two years, Jasmine was contemplating moving away, when she was offered one of 16 affordable homes built in her home village by CHS Group

“It was not ideal to be living with your parents at my age, especially with an 18-month-old,” Jasmine said. “But rents here are expensive, so we would have had to move out of the village into a small rented flat, which would have also meant getting into debt. We are delighted; the house is really beautiful, has a garden and is close to my parents, which is ideal.” 

Natalie Bailey, Development Project Manager at CHS, said: “It is great to build homes for people who really need them – especially when rural housing is in short supply. To be forced out of your home village because housing is so expensive is a real shame.” 

A year after moving in, and following a tenancy health check, Jasmine’s starter tenancy was converted to an assured tenancy. Since then, she has asked for support in starting a local residents' group local issues and would also like to become a Customer Committee member.