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bpha establishes firm foundations

Posted on 20 March 2019

Well over 10 years ago, and before the first brick was laid, bpha established firm foundations at Love’s Farm in St Neots.

Located to the east of St Neots railway station, Love’s Farm is a 160-acre site that comprises of over 1400 homes, a primary school, shops, open space and community facilities. And as a social landlord responsible for many the properties built on Loves Farm, we have worked incredibly hard to support new residents and help develop a strong sense of community.

Our first Community Development Officer started working with those living around the development site before building started so was well established as our first bpha residents moved into their new homes. More recently we have built strong bonds with the Love’s Farm Community Association, the group of dedicated resident volunteers who manage the thriving community centre.

Elaine Warwick, bpha Resident Engagement and Scrutiny Co-ordinator, said: “Our work with the Love’s Farm community is a wonderful example of resident engagement. Thanks to being onsite right from day dot we’ve been able to support a group of incredibly passionate and determined resident volunteers as they form and grow a strong, enviable community.”

In recent months bpha has committed to sponsoring the Love’s Farm bi-monthly Community Newsletter, a decision that has enable the much-loved newsletter to continue, as well as taking part in community events and donating to the association’s annual volunteer Christmas thank you event.